Great Indie Apps

This is a list of some great indie apps for iOS, made by real people, not cooperations!

What’s an indie app?

If apps like Uber, Instagram or Twitter are the Walmarts and MacDonalds of the app world, indie apps are the local shop and burger joint around the corner. They are usually more personal, less greedy and just nicer.

Generally, indie apps are created by an individual developer or small team of people, without a big cooperation behind it. This means, they can focus on delivering a good app, without an evil master plan behind it. They usually don’t track you around the internet and make money by selling your data, but instead make a living by people buying their apps.

If you prefer that, I suggest you take a look at these great indie apps, created by real human beings from all around the world 🌍

one sec by Frederik Riedel

This app will help you stop staring mindlessly at social media.

It’s simple: Whenever you open Instagram, Twitter or other apps, one sec will interrupt you for a quick deep breath. This will give you the time to stop and think if you really want to waste your time scrolling through social media right now.

And my favorite feature: Morning Countdown. Here, you can set it up to completely block certain apps right after waking up. This help me a lot to get up in the morning instead of spending an hour in bed on Twitter.


Sessions by Phillip Young

Sessions is packed full of features, but at its heart is a timer, that will keep you focused during work, studying, etc.

You can choose different focus interval, like Pomodoro, and track all your sessions.

If you’ve used it for a while, you’ll get gorgeous charts and graphs and can analyze your sessions.

The app also runs on macOS, and there you can even block apps or websites during your focus sessions.


Ochi by Michael Tigas

Ochi uses the new Shortcuts automation to block you from using apps & websites, while you're working or studying.

You can set up groups of apps (e.g. social media), start a focus session and Ochi will prevent those apps from opening until the session is done.

With Ochi, you have the total control over your apps. You can schedule apps to be blocked during specific times (e.g. during bedtime) and can automate everything via Apple Shortcuts.


Tasks by Mustafa Yusuf

This app is a powerhouse of a productivity app. You can super quickly create tasks, but also add tags, priories, due dates, statuses and much more.

Using those properties, you can then create views that display exactly what you need to see.

You can even display your tasks in a Kanban board, like a real product manager 😉


Posture Pal by Victoria Petrova & Jordi Bruin

This one is so innovative, cute and helpful! It uses the motion sensors in your AirPods (Pro or Max) to track if you are sitting straight, and then alerts you if you don’t.

On top of all that, a super cute giraffe will follow your posture, and you can see how your posture improves over time.

Jordi also has a lot of other great apps you should definitely check out.


MoneyCoach by Perjan Duro

MoneyCoach is a powerful expense tracker, that will help you keep an eye on your spending and save for your big goals.

You can set up budgets for different categories, get reports about your spending, or just see how much is left at the end of the month.

If you are a real pro, you can also import your transactions or use Apple Shortcuts to enter them.


Orbit by Malin Sundberg & Kai Dombrowski

Orbit is a must-have app for any freelancer. You can easily track the time you've spent on a project, categories it, and also generate invoices to actually get paid in the end.

Of course, the app also runs on macOS (where most of the work probably gets done) and has tones of additional features, like home-screen widgets!


Structured by Leo Mehlig

Disclaimer: I’m Leo, the developer of Structured. Hope you don’t mind the self-plug 😊

Structured is a simple day planner, which is kind of a combination of a calendar and to-do list.

You can schedule tasks throughout your day and see a visual indication of their progress.

Structured can also import your calendar and reminders and alert you about upcoming tasks. Plus, there is a nice home-screen widget.


This is far from a complete list, there are thousands of great indie apps out there, just waiting to be used by you! If you want to look for more indie apps, I can recommend the Indie Apps Catalog by Filip Němeček, where you can find all indie apps on iOS or macOS.

Additionally, I can recommend the Indie Dev Monday newsletter by Josh Holtz, which features new indie apps every week.